Jennings converted muzzle loading rifle (Early winchester)

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Jennings converted muzzle loading rifle (Early winchester). Serial 60.  This one has been converted to a cap and ball only, so the priming device is no longer working.  Flaydeman page 303, item 5k-003.

These were early rifles built by Robiins lawrence,  Henry Tyler, Horace Smith and Daniel wesson.  All of them later started their own company.
These Jennings rifles are trulyh ard tofind and are a collectors joy in any state.

This one is factory engraved on frame and barrel.  The holder for the cleaningrodcame off and has been crudely resoldered.  This is a period workmanship, as is the conversion.

The rifling is strong.

The original stock is present and is missing a piece at the left side and it has a repaired split. Left side has a silver inlay.  Barrel is 25 inch long and it does work as a cap and ball.  The markings on the left side of the frame are light but all there.  The frame has trice the number 1841 on it. 

In fact, this one is in need af a small stock restoration/repair and the tube under the barrel has to be professionnal resoldered.   Has not been cleaned and al visible parts are original to the gun.  Truly a great find.