Colt 1849 pocket percussion GUSTAVE YOUNG ENGRAVED

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  • Number: 2930
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  • Asking price: €4250
  • Status: Available

Colt 1849 pocket percussion GUSTAVE YOUNG ENGRAVED.  Serial 76857.  Correct two line adres.  Bore is fine, tiny light spots.  The patent on the left side of the frame is hand engraved as should be on a factory engraved colt. Also the dot under the serials indicate that it was set aside for engraving.
Overall medium grey, showing clear and deep engraving.  The cylinder scene is light, would say 50 to 60 %.  This is a 100 % correct Young engraved colt pocket for an affordable nice.

The ivory grips are as old as the colt and in nice condition.  Works correct.