Cased Colt Army Thuer conversion, cal 44 CF BEST OF BEST

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  • Number: 1067
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  • Asking price: €19500
  • Status: Available

Cased Colt Army Thuer conversion, cal 44 CF. Flayderman page 96-97, item 5B 113. 
These first type conversion, named THUER are truly very hard to find and expensive.   Not many made since the system to load it from the front of the cylinder was not practical and went out of use, one year later when the ROLLING WHITE patent could bre used by all gunmakers. 

Here you have an original cased one with all the accouterments. Serial 154511, all matching. Has an L under the serials , meaning it got exported to the UK. also it has an iron backstrap, which makes it even more rarer. 
The gun is 100 % correct, in the original config and retains 35 to 40 % original blue. In the pictures, it seems that it is pitted, but it is only flaking of the blue.  The oiled grips are close to mint. Sharp bore and good markings and works perfect. 
The case is original and the label is still there for 80 %.  It contains an almost minty English powderflask signed JAMES DIXON, still 98 % original brown lacquer. Correct 44 Bulletmold, oiler, cleaningrod, nipplewrench and 6 incredibly hard to find THUER bullets. Also the 4 piece original loading items, which in itself are worth about 3000 euro's. 

Would be incredible hard and way more expensive to locate a better one.  BEST OF BEST