Gaulois pistol, N° 2, 8 mm short cal

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 Le Gaulois was originally introduced by Manufacture Française d’Armes de Saint-Étienne in 1893 as Le Mitrailleuse (lit. "The Machine Gun"); by 1897, the pistol was renamed as Le Gaulois.The pistol was sold until 1912, at which point it was discontinued due to the introduction of true semi automatic pistols, of which some were smaller and more concealable than the Le Gaulois was.

Design items 

The Gaulois is a small 5-shot squeeze-fired pistol. The pistol has a sliding piece located in the rear behind the receiver, which acts as the trigger; when this piece is pushed in, the round is pushed towards the barrel, where there are two small nubs extending outwards. These nubs press against the primer, firing the gun; when this sliding piece is retracted, an extractor moves up and kicks the spent cartridge out of the gun through the ejection port. Ammunition for the gun is loaded through the ejection port; a safety is also present on the left hand side of the pistol. Activating the safety causes a wedge to extend up and key into a notch located in the sliding piece, preventing it from moving.

Serial 25029, excellent plus conditon, retaining 95 % original blue, minty bore and perfect mechanics.  the grip is also original, (often broken)  100 % correct and outstanding.