An early production D. J. Millard light cavalry saber with its original scabbard in extremely nice condition

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  • Number: 1224
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Produced under the smallest government contract for sabers (10,000) in 1862 by the D. J. Millard Company’s manufacturing center in Clayville, New York, this early production weapon is a M-1860 Light Cavalry saber. Considered a lighter, more maneuverable weapon than its predecessor the M-1840 Wristbreaker, the light cavalry saber weighed about 3 ½ pounds in the scabbard.


The blade length measures 35”, width is just over an inch wide with a wide fuller 27” long and the narrow fuller 18¼” long. Marked on the reverse ricasso is the faint maker’s address “D. J. MILLARD / CLAYVILLE N.Y.”  

The strong curved blade is clean and bright and was cleaned at one time. It exhibits some minor areas of scattered spots where it has been handled in the past.

Brass domed pommel cap is tight and its brim exhibits government inspector’s marks “C.E.W.” (inspector Charles E. Wilson) and "WFH" and rack number 89 in 2 locations.

Brass hilt wears a pleasing, bronze patina overall and is tight to the handle.

Still has its original leather washer. The grooved, center-swell grip features bridle leather wrap in very good original condition with no rips or tears. Brass wire wrap is original and still very tight. Steel scabbard is in very good condition with a few minor dents. Scabbard has acquired a handsome dark patina. Drag exhibits no wear