Large frame Tipping Lawden Pepperbox, cal 36/38 Rf

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  • Number: 1632
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 length : 21 cm, barrels 10 cm. cal 9 mm rimfire. (cal 36)  . Top condition showing 75 % orig. silver on brass frame and 95 % orig. blue on the barrels. rifling is like new, shiney bores. Works perfect. The checkered grips aere factory new.  BEST OF BEST 

This dates out of the last period of Tipping and Lawden.  Bought out in 1887 by Webley and Scott.  In 1859 they got permission for making  2 and 4 shot pepperboxes under the sharps patent, cal 22, 30 and 32.  Later on larger calibers were added.  This model is easy to recognise , typical is the metal bar and knob, neccessary to open up the pepperbox ( underside of frame)

Cal. is probably .36 and not .38, They had a pretty large production and multiple variations have been witnessed. Mostly the shape of the grips. 

One of the more important employees of T&L was a gunmaker named Sandman.  His influence was important during the last years of production, mostly for the mechanical and shape of the gun. One of the most noticable changes was the oblique or slanting bolster/frame, where the hammer meets the brass. Typical for a pepperbox produced by T&L under the supervison of Mr. Sandman. 

Webley focused more on production of large revolvers and military rifles after the takeover of Tipping and Lawden. De production of the pepperboxes was halted. Sandman himself continued to produce some pepperboxes and it is still not clear if he used left over parts of T&L or got a line started to make his own parts. BUT there are pepperboxes known, made by him that have deviant parts, compart to T&L, so it can be concluded that he had parts made/produced himself.

Sanders ofcourse coudl not use the name of T&L or  tranter and thus his production is completely unmarked, except for the proofmarks. Only proof is the slanted bolster.  These large frame pepperboxes,made by him are extremely rare.  (source : Jas Van Driel)