Lancaster Double Action 4 SHOT Pepperbox Pistol, cal 476 CF

  • Date:
  • Number: 1691
  • Year:
  • Asking price: €4350
  • Status: Available

An outgrowth and evolution of the "Howdah" pistols used as point defense weapons by big game hunters, Charles Lancaster's multi-barreled pistols used a pepperbox-style action in conjunction with large, man-stopping brass cased cartridges to deliver a rate of fire and striking power that was among the best available in it's day. Though never a standard issue weapon with the British colonial forces, many officers chose Lancasters over the standard issue revolvers due to these attributes. Silver blade front sight and fixed notch rear sight, with the top barrel flue marked "CHARLES LANCASTER. PATENT. 151. NEW BOND ST. LONDON",

This one has smoothbores, and is showing pitting on the barrels, adress on top is readable with a magnifier, stock is standard, no damage, except usage and scratches.  The left bottom chamber is working  fine, but the inside mechanics do not rotate, so need some repair, all firingpins of the mechanics are present.  An affordable lancaster.