Experimental remington Vest Pocket in cal 22 short

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  • Number: 3781
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  • Asking price: €1985
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Experimental remington Vest Pocket in cal 22 short.  This came out of the remington Museum and was sold of when they closed the doors.  Remington kept all their experimental guns and they had their own serialnumbers. This one has serial 159 and is probably one off.

6 1/2 inch barrel that rotates 90 degrees to the right.This in fact serves as shell ejector.  the bore is showing a perfect rilfing.  No markings, except for the serialnumber;  The brass is uncleaned, perfect grips and works super.   I sold this particular gun, after I bought a large part of the museum, about 12 years ago.  I hd the opportunity to get it back and this will probably be your only chance in a long time to aquire this one.