Colt 3th model Dragoon with shoulderstock

  • Date:
  • Number: 1761
  • Year:
  • Asking price: €11250
  • Status: Available

Colt 3th model Dragoon with shoulderstock

Made in 1858. 44 caliber with a 7 ½” barrel and a 3 piece leaf rear sight, and cut for the detachable shoulderstock.

Nice sharp gun, matching numbers 16520

Metal has a nice even light brown to gray patina.

Cylinder scene is light but completely visible.

Metal has very small spots of light pitting.

Action works perfectly and locks up tight,

Grips are very good. one cartouche is present, but faint.

Shoulderstock has 2 very nice cartouches on the stock but is not serial number matched to the revolver, numbers on the stock are 16704/16705, these are only 184 digits apart, chances are they were in the same regiment

This is a very rare US martial gun and detachable shoulderstock and small inspectors markings are present is various places.