Colt 1878 double action, cal 45 colt SMOOTHBORE BEST OF BEST

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Colt 1878 double action, cal 45 colt SMOOTHBORE. Mentioned on page 177 of the book 'COLT double actionrevolver, model 1878' by don wilkinson.
Only three Models 1878 were ever made in smoothbore, two in 44-40 and this one in 45.  So only one made. Barrel is correctly marked 45 COLT.  The smootbore is shiney and seems to be unfired. Sharp adres.  Barrel has 95 % of the nickle left, cylinder 90 and frame 25. Works perfect indouble and single action. Grips have no damage.  Lot's of orig. blue on back of hammer and trigger.

This one can not be repaced since it is the only one ever made.  BEST OF BEST