Medieval Bourguignotte/Burgonet Helmet with Visor

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  • Number: 1844
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Bourguignot helmet open with crest 1540 to 1550

Welded and hammered dome, mild steel 3, thickness  approx 2mm

Bourguignot, burgonet (fr. Bourguignotte – burgundy helmet) – a type of medieval European helmet.

It was characterized by a strongly rounded backward rounded case equipped with a rigid or movable head. Front equipped with a visor upward. Earphones were attached to the hinges from the sides, according to the type of which bourguignots can be classified:

Open type. Earphones are connected by leather chin straps. (which ofcoursed no longer exciste due to age)

The helmet was usually supplemented with a crest at the top; there were three on the early bourguignots. On the back of the head, under the crest, a sleeve for the sultan was often installed.

The bourguignots appeared in Italy in the 16th century from sallet, came to Spain, from Spain to France, Germany and spread throughout Europe to Poland. Used until the XVII century.

This one is completely original, missing ofcourse the inside leather.  connections but still a very early hennep cloth present. fine plus.