Colt 1871 Open top, cal 44 rimfire

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  • Number: 3926
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  • Asking price: €6850
  • Status: Available

Colt 1871 Open top, cal 44 rimfire .  Serial 3544, all matching.  7 1/2 inch barrel, New York address.

The only thing that is not correct on this rare gun are the grips. These are a later replacement in excellent condition and fitting nicely.  I do think I have a good pair in inventory and will see if I can fit it with a genuine pair of grips.  This gun truly should be fitted with genuine grips.

The good news is the superior quality.   All markings are razor sharp and the cylinder scene is 100 %.  The bore is perfect, seems to be unfired.

The barrel is showing 60 % deep blue. cylinder, as the rest 30 %.  Remainder is light grey.  It is virtually impossible to find 1871-1872 open tops having any blue.  This one is the exeption and would be very expensive to upgrade.  For that