John Walch ten shot double hammer pocket percussion revolver

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John Walch ten shot double hammer pocket percussion revolver  . Flayderman P. 375, item 7A 117. Made for Walch and partner Lindsay by the henry/Winchester company ( New haven, which were making the volcanics)  . Due to the connection to Winchester this is a highly sought after revolver. 
Peculiar system, 5 chambers accepting a double load seperated by grease, ten nipples, and 5 guide channels in the cylinder leading the first egnition to the front of each chamber, by the right hammer.  Not difficult to understand that most of these have blown up. 

This one is serial 1218 and 100 % correct. The brass has not been cleaned, the cylinder and barrel are in the white, adress is all there and good rifling showing light pitting. Works perfect ( often a problem on this model.  The original grips have no damage, retaining 85 % of the original finish.  Excellent shooter.  Cal 31