Superior Colt percussion 1849, cal 31, RARE 6 SHOT BEST OF BEST

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Superior Colt percussion 1849,  cal 31, RARE 6 SHOT. Serial 295535, all matching, including the wedge, built in 1867.   The majority of the Pockets were 5 shots, but some 6 shots were made, but only having the large triggerguard, so they are only find in the higher serialnumbers.  This is probably one of the best.  The scene is 100 %, cylinder retains 95 % deep orig. blue, barrel has 97 to 98 %, shiney minty bore and perfect adress.  The casehardening is 99 %. Original grips retains 95 % of the varnish. Mechanical perfect, all safetypins present.  Would be very hard to improve.   Most of the silver is gone on the brass and that is ussually the case for these higher numbers,   they wer electro plated and the silver was ultra thin.  BEST OF BEST