shooting mask, used for killing cattle in public slaughterhouse

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 This shooting mask is cylindrical in shape and consists of three parts. The front piece (1), with a hollow pin (currently in retracted position), can be unscrewed from the rear piece (2) with the firing pin and the trigger, a kind of flat handle that is pressed against the metal tube (the barrel) . The bullet can then be placed in 1. The striker pin (3) can also be unscrewed. inscription / brand "WALDORP", "KAL. 9MM" and "K. SCHERMER KARLSRUHE" manufacturer K. Schermer, Waldorp place of manufacture Germany, Karlsruhe dating 1950- 1960 material metal dimensions (cm) hg 33.5 / br 7.5 / dp 4.6 labor association, Rotterdam, Kralingen-Crooswijk, Oud Crooswijk, Boezemstraat, slaughterhouse, slaughter, Municipal business, public life, livestock, meat, abattoir