CSA Model 1840 N.C.O. sword in good condition.

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  • Number: 178
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  • Asking price: €1750
  • Status: Available

This  is a CSA Model 1840 N.C.O. sword in good condition.

Typical of those carried by non-commissioned officers this blade comes with its original black leather scabbard.

Blade has been moderately cleaned and presents a light gray dull luster overall.

Brass hilt features grips with a simulated cast brass, wire wrap cover with a shell-style guard that has a mellow bronze patina and raised letters CSA on the shell.

The single-edged blade features a stopped single fuller

The black bridle leather scabbard is fair to good original condition with a strong body and all brass furniture.

Leather surface displays almost no crazing and cracking,

Carried by Corporals and Sergeants during the Civil War as symbol of authority, this is a reasonably priced specimen of a Model 1840 Non-commissioned officer’s sword.