Whitney Phoenix military carbine, cal 50 RARE BEST OF BEST

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Whitney Phoenix military carbine, cal 50 . Flaydeman P. 289, item 5J 061.  Less then 1000 made. Has a 20 1/2 inch round barrel. Has no markings at all except for the  serialnumbers on the breechblock and tang. Otherwise exceptionally nice, these are very had to find and are ussually in very poor shape.  Were made in cal 43, 45 and .50  (this one is cal 50-56 spencer))  made between 1867 and 1881, most of thse made it to central or south america and are almost never found for sale. Super rare and exceptional condition having 95 % plus original blue on barrel and 85 % casehardening on frame. Stock is super, almost int as is the bore. BEST OF BEST