Colt 1862 3 inch octagonal barrel pocket navy conversion SUPER RARE

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  • Number: 3125
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  • Asking price: €3250
  • Status: Available

Colt 1862 3 inch octagonal barrel pocket navy conversion. Information can be found in the Colt conversion book of Bruce Mc Dowell, page 340 and 341.

Only a handful in existence.  Only 9 have been located. All between serials 20400 and 21100. This one is serial 21113 and is one of the two outside the serials, mentioned in the book.  Never had one for sale.

Perfect bore and sharp address, cal 38 rimfire.  100 % scene. Overall 94 to 95 % original nickle present. The grips are imitation ivory, I probably have a good original pair of wooden grips in inventory will have to check.

This is the rarest variation of a Colt conversion. Even of the Colt Pocket thuer more are known to excist (approx 15)

Here only 9. So when can you buy another one, and in this condition. The ones pictured in the book have no finish left.  Excellent plus and extremely rare.  For the colt specialist.