1799 us NORTH CHENEY flintlock pistol

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1799 us NORTH CHENEY flintlock pistol,  manufactured between 1799 to 1802. approx 2000, made  under two contract.  69 cal, smothbore,

This one is original but has the specifications of the French model M.1777, which has a 7 1/2 inch barrel instead of an 8 1/2 inch.  The markings are situated under the hammer, where the first and second model had their markings on the bottom of the frame. 

Over the years approx. 20 of these have surfaced and are now considered US martial earms.  These were probably altered by North and  Sheney starting from the model 1777.  The frame mesasures excact as it should be and it never had the french markings, it does haeve an military inspectormark on the inside of the triggerguard,  the belt hook is a  later production,  the gun works fine, showing medium pitting over the surfadte, 

stock had a repair , right side, close to the frame,  

Here you have a very rare and affordable North sheney, a first and second contract will cost you u to 80000.