RARE Forehand Wadsworth Police 38 rimfire revolver

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RARE Forehand Wadsworth Police 38 rimfire revolver.  I owned this revolver before and had discussed this particular one over several phone calls with late Mr. flayderman.  Since at that time neither he nor I had seen one before.

We both agreed that it was probably made by Forehand and Wadsworth.  There is proof theat they made a Police size revolver and there is a patent of Feb. 3, 1874 attributed tothis company for such a revolver.  currently I am trying to get a copy of that patent.  But that is not easy.

So here the description.  Serialnumber 231.   4 3/4 inch barrel that is marked IMPROVED PATENT SMITH AND WESSON Feb 3, 1874.

Excellent bore,  the rosewood grips have no damage and most of their varnish. Works fine. Overall dark brown to grey with about 10 % blue left.  This is an intruiging revolver and it needs more research.  Never seen another one in 25 years.