Converted JENNINGS RIFLE, Winchester pré decessor RARE

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  • Number: 386
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  • Asking price: €5600
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Converted JENNINGS RIFLE, Winchester pré decessor . Flayderman P. 302/303, item 5K003

Original Jennings rifle was built to use the rocket ball (imilar to the volcanic) but this ammo had very little power and was very hard tofind. So most of these (and in total there were less then a 1000 built)  got converted to cap and ball, muzzle loaders.  The pill lox box provider ontop of the frame is plugged. the orig. cleaningrod is present but broken off. Has the original sights and stock is corect and in fine shape. Most of the factory engraving still there. Works fine as converted and all original.  A must for a winchester collector. serial 718, no markings on frame As often seen on the higher numbers.