CASED Colt THUER Police conversion, BEST OF BEST

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CASED Colt THUER Police conversion,  Flayderman P. 97, item 5B 115.  serial 36790, all matching. Only about 5000 Thuer conversion made in 6 different models. (1849 pocket, 181 navy, 1860 army, 1861 navy, 1862 police and 1862 pocket navy)

The two rarest are by far the colt 1849 Pocket, not many knwon, and the 1862 Police.  Of these only a few original cases are known.  Here you have an original London Colt case made for a colt Thuer police conversion.  It still has 95 % of the original METALLIC CENTRAL FIRE label.  I only know of three cases having this label.
The case comes with the orig. eley cap box, never opened, still the orig; wrapper around it. The orig. Colts marked Pall mall tin box for 50 shells, has only one original shell , which was loaded from the front of the cylinder. These are extremely expensive and a full box can run you 35000 dollars.
The orig. percussion cap large size, cleaning rod, oiler,  Cot marked bullet mold, virually mint, nipplewrench, key and  the spare cap and ball cylinder.  Ofcoures this revolver is english proofmarked, since it is in an English case and I am convinced that all of these items are born together.

The codition of the Police, serial, 36790, including the wedge) is excellent plus. It had a blued frame, retaining 60 %, barrel has 70 % orig. blue, cylinder 90 % plus. The conversion ring has the patentmarks, light but visible. The 6 1/2 inch barrel has light pitting on the inside.  Original grips retain 90 % plus orig. varnish, no damage, works perfect and this case is 100 % correct. Would be impossible to replace or improve BEST OF BEST