Dedicated S/W 1 1/2 second issue revolver cal 32 RF

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  • Number: 3965
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Dedicated S/W  1 1/2 second issue revolver cal 32 RF. Serial 120118. Excellent grips showing 95 % orig. varnish, no damage. Overeall 95 % orig. nickle, bit of flaking of the nickle beginning left side of barrel.  Fine bore, no pitting. Sharp adres and works fine. 100 % casehardening on hammer. 

Outstanding text engraving. Right side of frame reads W.WEBB LONDON OMT

Left side TO CHARLES HARRIS FROM CAPT BRISTOLL  STEAMER OTHELLO 1877. Something is written just infront of the date but couldn't read it.  Worth the resaerch of the ship, receiver and the captain.  Excellent plus.