MINTY SPENCER Carbine, model 1865 BEST OF BEST

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  • Number: 333
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  • Asking price: €4900
  • Status: Available

MINTY SPENCER Carbine, model 1865 .  Has the stabler cut-off. Serial 7080.  This one is unfired, , flayderman page 633, item 9B-088.   Stock is virtually new showing two perfect military cartouches.  The left side and top side of the frame have 100 % of the casehardening, right side  apporx 95 %,s howing a darkened spot close tothe front-end. But this is not pitting, you can not feel it, just discoloratoin of  the casehardening. 

Perfect adres and bore, Barel has 98 % of the military blue. Hammer and lever have also all the casehardening. Would be very difficult to improve this one. BEST OF BEST