Winchester 1876 Rifle, THUMBPRINT dustcover, cal 45-60

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  • Number: 4961
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  • Asking price: €3300
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Winchester 1876 Rifle, THUMBPRINT dustcover, cal 45-60. This is a second model having the rare dustcover showing an thumprint engraving. Also it has a set trigger, The Madis book, page230 states that only 14 were ever built having a set trigger. so this is a truly rare 1876.
The 28 inch barrel (longest version) has a perfect shiney bore, no spots at all.   The adress is all there as are the original sights.  THis one has spent his life in a leather sleeve and the acid of the sleeve has attacked the metal leaving a medium pitted surface on the outside. Truly a pitty, since this gun has hardly been used.  The oiled tock is fine, no damage and almost no scratches. works perfect and is a superior shooter,  an affordable 1876 with a very rare option.