Cased Colt 1877 Lightning Blued sherifs model, rosewood grips BEST OF BEST

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Cased Colt 1877 Lightning  Blued sherifs model, rosewood grips. From the world renowned  'Cased Colt's collection' of Senator Ford from Tulsa Oklahoma.
The case is the standard English oak case having the colt London Pall Mall label in perfect shpae. Key, brush  and tool are preent.  The felt is in excellent shape showing two small holes , on at the front sight, the other at where the cylinder is supported;  Outside of the case is excellent.
The Ligtning, cal 38 colt is in outstanding condition. The etched panel is visible for 100 %, as aer all the markings.  casehardening on frame is 99,9 %. Blue  on backstrap and triggerguard 99 %. Original rosewood grips are perfect. Cylinder has a bit of flaking on one side, so approx 85 to 88 % blue, the 3 1/2 inch barrel has 97 to 98 % deep orig. Blue.  all the blue on trigger and hammer. unfired condition.  Would be almost impossible and very expensive to improve upon this one  BEST OF BEST BUILT IN 1881