Colt 1873 US Cavalry/militia single action, cal 45 colt

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Colt 1873 US Cavalry/militia single action, cal 45 colt. serial 140078, all matching.   Inspected by  Renaldo a Carr.  Tjis is a correct Us military single action that had two different lifes.  It was born as a cavalry and when all sa's were returned to be refurbished and barrels cut to 5 1/2, this one did not get cut, but was kept in the original configuration, at that time inspected by Renaldo A. Carr and send of to the New York Militia (letter K)  Info can be found in the cochran book on single actions page 189-192

Perfct adres, correct griops (no cartouche since it bedame a Militaia gun) and overall 20 % blue, remainde a dark brown patina.  The barrel  is also RAC inspected on the bottom. Bore ha verylight and tiny spots, perfect rifling. Important Correct US single action in great shape.