VOLCANIC lever action carbine, FACTORY ENGRAVED shortest version, 16 1/2 inch barrel

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  • Number: 5296
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  • Asking price: €28850
  • Status: Available

VOLCANIc lever action carbine, FACTORY ENGRAVED, shortest version, 16 1/2 inch barrel.  serial 83. .  Only around 1000 ever made and in three barrellengths.  16 1/2, 21 and 25.  This is the shortest version of approx. 16 1/2  inch.
it is in fine shape, showing about 20 % dull blue on the barrel which has a New haven adress. Has the original sight on top of frame.  Top of barrel has a small plug where a sight was present, an antique sight can be placed there. 
The brass frame  has no dings and has never been cleaned.  Nice dark mustard color. The engraving is typical and factory done. Not many known engraved.
. The adres is light but fully visible. It is the way it was stamped, so no usage to this one.
The stock is outstanding,  Retains 90 % plus original varnish.  Bore is super. Works perfect and all original.  would be very expensive  to improve. Caliber 41.