Winchester 1885 Highwall cal 38-55 BEST OF BEST

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  • Number: 605
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  • Asking price: €4900
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Winchester 1885 Highwall cal 38-55 BEST OF BEST 

Has lots of options, serial 69803, built in 1893. 

Fitted with a 30 inch half round, half octagon barrel (option, 1 in 27 had this)  Windgauche front sight as option and elevated sight at the back, also a factory option. 

fitted with a set trigger 1 in 30 had this.  75 % casehardeninng of frame, 98 % plus orig. blue on barrel, minty bore and perfect mechanics. 

Has a brass, nickle plated swiss buttplate (option)1 in 400 had this.  The stock is selected graine, in mint condition. Outstanding rifle with lot's of options.  BEST OF BEST