Confederate 20 $ bill, 1864, 64 PPQ BEST OF BEST

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  • Number: 7004
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  • Asking price: €285
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Confederate 20 $ bill, 1864, 64 PPQ  . PPQ stands for Perfect paper quality. Graded by PGCS as a MS 64, a top condtion and unused bill . Has the red inspectormarker on the top left. Rarely seen and highly collectable. Serial 13136.  Perfect colors and great borders. Perfect bill that would be very hard to improve upon. BEST OF BEST 


The grading numbers go from 0 up to 70. 0 meaning that nothing is left and 70 would be a perfect bill. Not only perfectly conserved, but perfect paper, printing, colors, signatures and margins.  

The Confederates printed 72 different bills during the 5 years of war. The price range for these goes from 50 $ up to 100,000 for a minty number one.  Over the last 10 years these Confederate bills became highly collectable