Confederate 50 $ bill, EF 40, 1861

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Confederate 50 $ bill, EF 40, 1861.  Graded by PMC As extremely fine 40.  I can see one light fold but this one seems to be uncirculated and I donot see why it is not graded AU 58 ( AU stands for about uncirculated). Maybe because it is showing a tiny brown spot between te letters R and A of Confedate.  The paper is white, print is bold and great signatures. I trulyt hink if sent back to regrade it will come back higher. Serial 48911. This is T or CS 8, meaning the 8th typeof Bill made by the Confederate out a total of 72. Hard one to find this nice, since all of these saw 4 years of war. 

The grading numbers go from 0 up to 70. 0 meaning that nothing is left and 70 would be a perfect bill. Not only perfectly conserved, but perfect paper, printing, colors, signatures and margins.  

The Confederates printed 72 different bills during the 5 years of war. The price range for these goes from 50 $ up to 100,000 for a minty number one.  Over the last 10 years these Confederate bills became highly collectable.