Engraved Winchester 1866 carbine, cal 44 Henry

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  • Number: 715
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  • Status: Sold

Engraved Winchester 1866 carbine, cal 44 Henry. Serial 38421, built in 1870. standard third model having the 20 inch barrel shwoing a perfect adres and very strong bore that only has light markings. The engraving is of the period , showing a panel on both sides, no name present in the panel.  The stocks are fine, just a small sliver missing above the serialnumber , both fore-end and stock have been revarnished, but professionally done. Works perfect. Barrel and magazine are medium brown, approx 10 % orig. blue.   Also this one has a very rare option, a set trigger, almost never seen on a 1866 carbine. This is a used but not abused affordable 1866 carbine. Good shooter. PRICE ON REQUEST