Outstanding colt SAA Cavalry US (DFC) cal 45 LC NEW YORK MILITIA

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Outstanding colt SAA Cavalry US (DFC) cal 45 LC.  NEW YORK MILITIA

Works super, no play at the cylinder, all 4 clicks of the hamer present. All correct.

Great and correct single action in it's original color. 70 to 80 % original blue on the barrel, grip- and backstrap. 10 to 15 % in the flutes of the barrel, remainder a nice brown patina. frame has turned light grey showing traces of casehardening, on right side of hammer also casehardening.  The original one piece grips are very nice, fit perfectly and stil have their military cartouche that is dissapearing due to usage.

This gun was returned to colt by the us army and refurbished . then sold to the New York Militia.  This is thus a correct military Us single action that has had a double life.  The serial number can be found in Kopecs book on single action under the chapter 'NEW YORK MILITIA ISSUES'.
also included is the original colt letter, stating that it was sold to the us army and refurbished at the colt factory.

This is a highly collectable isngle action, tht is 100 % correct, still in it's original configuration and that had a double life.