RARE OMNIPOTENT marked colt 1878 Double action revolver

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RARE OMNIPOTENT marked colt 1878 Double action revolver. Page233-236 in the Colt 1878 book by Don Wilkerson.

Only 154 were ever mde with this marking, about 40 % blue, and most had a 7 1/2 inch barrel.  The name OMNIPOTENT was invented by CITTEREDGE, a dealer , and colt retailer in the 19th century.  By definition Omnipotent means 'having unlimited power'.  An apt name for a double action revolver that would fire six 250 grain bullets at almost 900 ft per second.

Hardly any OMNIPOTENTS in a blued version are known, this because the etched panel wore off easily.  I have only seen 3 in my whole life. 

Here the panel is visible under a good light.  It is serial 1040, so a first year production and it has the fat thick checkered grips , seen on the first year production. Adres is fine, good bore and works fine, overall medium grey showing 20 % of very dull blue.  this is a must have for an 1878 or a COLT collector. Super rare and first time I can offer a blued one (had 2 nickled ones before)