john brown 1853 SHARPS sporting rifle with several options.

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  • Number: 928
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  • Asking price: €6250
  • Status: Available

john brown 1853 SHARPS sporting rifle with several options.  2970 made in total, standard was a 27 inch barrel.  Made having barrels from24 up to 34 inch.  This one has a 26 inch barrel.

A great many varieties are found in the model 1853 sporting rifle and a number of them were made up or changed from the earlier guns in the late 1850s when the model 1853 was not selling well.  These included the addition of extra grade engraving, foncy stocks and casing on plainer grade guns.

This one has a few options.

Barrel is a heavy bull barrel and it has a double set of trigger that works perfect.  26 inch barrel was also an option.  all furnitures are in iron and that is correct. 
The bore is excellent plus truly a 95/100.  
The outside metal is showing a very light pinpricking.  all markings are good nd the lockplate has the early 1852 patent.  Both barrel and receiver have the same serialnumber beeing 13327.  Stock is showing numerous small dings and scratches but no spits or breaks. and all the wood is original to the gun and has no damage.   The sight is missing the elevator.  But tis can still be ordered.   Mechanical perfect and all original.   These special order Sharps 1853 are truly hard to find.   will letter in this configuration.  I checked.