RARE 4 screw colt percussion navy revolver, cut for shoulderstock

  • Publié:
  • Numéro: 1861
  • An:
  • Prix: €3350
  • Status: Disponible

Colt navy modeèle 1851,cal 36 percussion, 4 VISES, adapté pour crosse,  assez rare,  que 1200 fabriqué, Flayderman Page 89/90, item 5B 060, Le prix mentionné est presque 3 fois plus élévé comparé avec u Navy standard. 

Toute a fait correcte, saufe la clavette qui porte pas un numéro.  Interieur brilliante, bonne adresse, caqnon 40 % de bronzage, crosse d'origine, bien, petite morceau manquant coté droite, bon tireur. 

RARE 4 screw colt percussion navy revolver, cut for shoulderstock . flayderman P. 89/90, item 5B-060. Flayderman quote a price almost 3 times as high compared to a standard colt Navy. 

These were made for canteen shoulderstocks, colt added a fourth screw on the frame and the bolster was cut out , this to allow the shoulderdstock to fit.  Most of these had iron backstraps, this one is the third variation having the standard brass backstrap.  Approx 1200 made in three variations.  Not often for sale and this one has condition.  

Serial 164185, the gun was inspected an  S can be seen on the frame frame), a fault detected,  and serialnumbers adapted, since an error was made, the backstrap and triggerguard were numbered 164285, the two was overstamped with the serial ,this is factory done and is a nice extra. 

The barrel retains approx 35 to 40 % orig. blue, mostly underside and left side barrel around the wedge. The bore is shiney, truly top. adress  is all there.  Orig. grips are fine, except for a small sliver missing at the right toe.  Cylindrescene is al there , works fine, and all original, except for the wedge ( which is a correct old one) which has no serialnumber. 

I only see 4 screws navies once every 5 to 6 years.