Engraved Antique J. Blanch & Son Side by Side Round Body Side Lock Shotgun, very rare extra triggerguard safety

  • Datum:
  • Nummer: 1822
  • Jaar:
  • Vraagprijs: €1900
  • Status: Beschikbaar

Manufactured circa 1880, there is 100% bold foliate scroll engraving on the receiver, break lever and trigger guard/lower tang with "J. BLANCH & SON" on each side. The water table is marked with "crown/BV", "crown/V" and "crown/cp" proof marks. The barrels have a single steel bead sight. The solid rib is marked "J. BLANCH & SON 28 GRACECHURCH STREET LONDON"   Mounted on a full coverage checkered splinter forearm .  Straight grip stock  marked "P.A.F." and an iron buttplate  .

The safety behind the triggerguard has to be pushed inwards to release the triggers. 

Condition : virtually as it left the factory, close to factory new.