US Civil War Officers bearskin Busby headdress with wicker frame SUPER RARE

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uncommon form of American military headgear being bearskin pieced and sewn together over wicker frame. Gilded brass chin scales, bullion pendant tassel is missing. . Interior with brown leather sweatband and chamois liner. 15" height. The busby was usually worn with a stamped metal front plate proprietary to the local corps or militia regiment. We cannot identify the state or unit represented by this specimen.

The leather visor, now detached, is exclusively an American characteristic associated with the bearskin which was worn in variant form by militia musicians and the rank and file of militia units such as Governor's Foot Guards of Connecticut, the New York City Guard, and the Chicago Light Guard. The tradition of the bearskin being worn by regimental drum majors was carried over into the Civil War.   This one has english markings ( broad arrow ) on the inside, indicating it is English military made.  A lot of these ended up in the Us and specifically  had the prolonged wicker basket shaped form.  This one needs some research. Still an incredible find. completely untouched, never restored.   The wicker is original and has no damage at all. All the bearskin is present.  No visor.