Original 19th century Indian tribe tomahawk

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  • Nummer: 479
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  • Vraagprijs: €1350
  • Status: Beschikbaar

Original 19th century Indian tribe tomahawk.  These are vry hard to find and if one found ussually 20th century. This one is an early 19th century and probabl was made as a pipe tomahawk.  The stock is of a later date and does not have the drilled hole.  The blade is 7 1/2 inch long  and 2 1/2 at it's widest side. Overall 17 1/2 inch. Handle is protected by a 19th century made iron oval.  The blade is nicely cut, bevelled and has beencast out of 1 piece, showing crude mechanics and castingflaws as expected for this period.  No alterations. Great find .