Original watercolor of two Boxlox, ARMURIER RENKIN LIEGE

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I recently got hold of a small lot which was a part of the archives of the Belgian gunmaker RENKIN, situated in LIEGE in the 18th and 196th century. 
Included were 7 watercolors depicting the guns they offered for sale. So each of these watercolors is an original artwork and only one excist.  It is impossible to find these since almost all the archives ov these gunmakers are destroyed. 

I framed them and here is the first one. 
The size of the frame is 25 on 25 cm. The two boxlox percussion pistols have as size 16 x 8 cm and are depicted in their correct size. so 1/1.  These are made up out of watercolor and gouache. The paper is a heavy parchment paper. The watercolors have seen no light, all colors are bright and no damage at all.  Once sold these will never surface again and only 7 survived.