Factory engraved Colt model 1851 conversion to 38 rimfire

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  • Number: 35
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  • Asking price: €4550
  • Status: Available

Factory engraved Colt model 1851 conversion to 38 rimfire. Frame and cylinder  have serial 27757. Barrel 194084,trigger guard and backstrap 124888.

Still this one is correct and has left colt haivng these serialnumbers. I checked this one out at the Colt ledgers and it letters as a factory engraved revolver. Letter is avaliable at Colt.

A lot of these late made conversions have mixed serialnumbers. Colt just used up the parts that were still avaliable.

The engraving is in the floral Gustaf Young style with doghshead on the hammer.  The revolver is a bit tired but still, it is factory engraved and affordable.  Probably the cheapest you canfind.

Bore has sevral light spots. Barreladres is visible for 70 %. scene is mostly gone but the serialnumber is well visible.

Thegrips are genuine ivory left one is missing a few small pieces.
works fine.  Backstrap and triggerguard retain 80 % of thenickle, the rest of the gun is dark brown.  Fronsight is missing, but that is an easy repair.

This one is completely correct, has the dot under the serial for special treatment (engraving) and is affordable.